Wickerpedia 23.03.16


New mat – can anyone spare an hour or two tomorrow evening (Thursday) from 8.30pm to help take up the existing mat and foam and on Friday morning from 10am to help lay the new mat and foam. The existing mat has been down for probably 16-18 years so if you want a piece of Wicker Camp history come and get a piece.

Clear Out – we are having a major clear out at the gym this weekend to run in conjunction with the new mat being fitted. Anyone who has clothes, equipment, bags etc in the gym please collect them before Friday so they don’t get skipped with everything else.

Group Grading – the group grading on the 3rd April is now FULL, the times will be posted on the website on Wednesday 30th March and available on reception.

Junior Sparring – after the next group grading (03.04.16) we are opening the Friday night sparring class to our Intermediate and Advanced Juniors.

Varsity Interclub – we are hosting a university interclub on Sunday 24th April. This will be open to all students at Wicker Camp so look out for the list on reception.




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