Wickerpedia 21.04.2016


Varsity Interclub – we are hosting a small varsity interclub at the gym this Sunday starting at 4pm. The university’s of Warwick and Leeds will be attending along with our own Sheffield University Wicker Camp students. It’s £5 to enter or spectate and it should be finished for 6pm. Please try and come along to support this event.

Women Only Classes Sunday

Due to the Varsity Interclub the classes will run at earlier times this week:-

Thai circuit class 12.30-1.30pm

Thai padwork class 1.30-2.30pm

(Please note Mick’s clinchwork class will run as normal 11-12 noon.)

Open Session April – this month’s open session nights will be on Tuesday 26th April 6.30-8.30pm and Wednesday 27th April 6-8pm. Any grade can attend the open sessions and they give you the opportunity to choose what you want to do, some padwork with a partner or some bagwork or some sparring (as long as you’re graded and have a gumshield and groin guard). It’s also a great opportunity to train alongside more advanced students, fighters and instructors.

Team Sparring June – I am planning a big big team sparring event at the beginning of June (date to be confirmed) and ALL proceeds will go to Talibe Trust, a charity which supports street children in Senegal which was founded and is run by our very own lovely Mel Horstead. Please please get involved in this event it will be a great experience for you personally and an opportunity to support a very worthwhile and much needed charity.  


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