Wickerpedia 16.05.2016


Open Session Nights May – this month’s open session nights are Wednesday 25th 6-8pm and Thursday 26th 6.30-8.30pm. Open to anyone these sessions are a great way of just doing your own thing at your own pace. Why not bring a friend, a first timer to introduce them to the gym and they will receive one weeks free membership!

Charity Team Sparring Sunday 29th May-  it’s only 12 days away so if you haven’t put your name down then what are you waiting for???? Check out Talibetrust.org to see why you should support this event.

Northampton Fights 23rd July (sshhh it’s Micks birthday) – tickets are here at reception BUT CASH ONLY please. Also if there’s enough of you wanting to go (there should be because we’ve got James, Jimbob and possibly Jillian fighting) and you would like a coach then tell me so I can book and get a price to you.




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