Weekend Classes


Saturday 10-11am

Junior Bagwork – a great fast paced class for the kids from age 5years through to 15years. Lots of fitness work combined with Thai bagwork.

Saturday 4-5pm

Thai Bagwork – a fantastic stamina class with 10 rounds of bagwork with body weight exercises in between rounds. Come and try out our new WATER BAG!!!!

Sunday 11-12noon

Mick’s Clinchwork – a real head wobbler, working on developing skill in the clinch and a great conditioning class.

Sunday 2-4pm

Women Only Classes

2-3pm Thai circuit – a fast paced class for any level working on improving fitness and functional strength.

3-4pm Thai padwork – a great stress buster working with a partner on the pads punching, kicking,  kneeing and elbowing. Please book in for these classes 07743596420.

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