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Group Grading – tomorrow Tuesday is the last chance to put your name down for the group grading this Sunday. Please ensure you have picked up and read a ‘rules and conduct’ sheet from reception. The times for the grading will be published on Wednesday online and on reception.

Ram Muay – graded students must know our Ram Muay. You can watch it on the home video page. Please note this is the senior Ram Muay, our junior Ram Muay is slightly different and can be seen here performed perfectly by our very own James Pierce and Jaz Meates (when they fought as juniors) at 3mins and 10mins respectively.

Shop – IMAG0211 (1)our Thai Boxing shop is well equipped at the moment with Pro shorts, gloves, shinpads and Wicker Camp Tees. All our shorts are 100% authentic and made in Thailand. Most of our leather goods, gloves and shinpads are also popular Thai brands. We also stock a small selection of budget gloves and shinpads both in leather and PU.

Wicker Camp shorts – we are due a delivery of personalised Wicker Camp shorts which are designed and made at the famous Rajadamnern Stadium in Thailand in Bangkok. These shorts are all one offs in colour and design.

Open Session – this months open session days are this week…. Wednesday 29th 6-8pm and Thursday 6.30-8.30pm.

Private Tuition – private lessons or personal tuition is available at the gym 7 days a week. Whether its a long term commitment or just a refresher lesson you are seeking we have instructors available to help you achieve your short and long term goals. All our instructors have years of experience, most have trained in Thailand, and there is an instructor to suit everyone.

Not as expensive as you may think our personal tuition can be as little as £4.25 per person per hour?? Speak to one of our instructors, pick up an instructors business card from reception or call 07743596420 for more information.

NO Sunday classes – just to remind everyone due to the group grading there will be no classes or private tuition on Sunday.


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