Weekend Classes 20 / 21.08.16


Junior Bagwork Class – Sat 10-11am. A great class for juniors which is circuit based with lots of running and exercises to tire them out for the day.

Adult Bagwork Class – Sat 4-5pm. A circuit based class working out on our multitude of punchbags combined with old school exercises to really make you sweat for the weekend.

Mick’s Clinchwork Class – Sun 11am-12noon. Open to graded students only to develop the art and skill of ‘neck wrestling’ if you’re old enough to remember that term!

Women Only Classes Sunday (ONLY £2 PER CLASS!!!)

2-3pm – Thai circuit class. Open to any level of fitness, improves cardio, strength, stamina and conditioning with a bit of flexibility work thrown in for good measure.

3-4pm – Thai padwork class. Open to anyone wanting a great workout on the pads (a real stress buster) punching, kicking, kneeing and a few elbows for good measure! First timers welcome don’t be shy.



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