Two really fantastic performances from Jimbob and Jaz last night.

Jaz, who has not fought for nearly 3 years had a tough first fight back against a local Jersey fighter called Przemek. It was a B class fight so a high standard to come back to.

The fight was even in the first round, second round saw Przemek using his clinchwork more effectively taking that round. Jaz warmed up in the third and started landing his kicks and punches more effectively and took the third and fourth rounds. He sustained a cut over his left eyebut it wasn’t too bad. Przemek needed the last round and it was a battle but Jaz looked on top and was on track for winning. 30 seconds from the final bell Jaz got caught with a fast combination of punches and a well timed knee which dropped him and he didn’t manage to recover in time!! An absolute shame but all credit to Przemek. A great performance from Jaz we are very proud of him.

Jimbob fought another local experienced lad called Ben Kemish. This was Jimbobs last fight so important that he performed well and what a performance. We were worried before the fight as he had a small swelling appear under his right eye that had caused slight blurred vision and was a little painful!! It seemed to clear up in the warm up so didn’t think too much about it.

The very first technique he landed was a beautiful long knee that visibly hurt Ben and put him on the retreat. Jimbob was relentless landing solid long knees and lovely wing knees to the body really dominating the fight. Ben was on the back foot most of the round and threw a few strong fast head kicks but Jimbob was prepared and his defence was as good as his offence. He took the first round easily.

Second round was pretty much the same as the first with Jimbob landing some more excellent knees and punches to the body and it was starting to look like he may even finish the fight early. He took the second round too.

Jimbob came back to the corner squinting and he was struggling to see out of his right eye. The swelling was visible and we needed the doctor who to take a look. Unfortunately the doctor advised the fight be stopped as he was concerned about Jimbobs sight. Absolutely gutted but that’s how things go sometimes. A brilliant performance that we are sure would have been a great victory for Jimbob. Two superb rounds to end a fight career. He will be missed in the ring.

A BIG thank you to all our 22 supporters who were completely outnumbered at the venue but we could still hear them. Its been a great weekend so until the next show on December the 4th in Sheffield keep on training. X

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