Muay Thai Mayhem London


A good weekend with solid performances from all our fighters but unfortunately a bad decision …….

Rob Cuttill vs Ross Brown

A really well matched technical first fight. Rob fought really well and displayed good defence and ringcraft and his technique was solid and we felt looked the better fighter. However Ross, who was a similar fighter with equally effective technique had a higher work rate and scored more which won him the fight. A good learning fight and Rob really enjoyed the experience even though hes got a very sore leg and is looking forward to his next one.

James Pierce vs Duncan McDermott

An excellent performance from James who looked so cool and calm throughout the fight. Duncan was a little heavier and from the first round it was clear he was a big puncher and he was fast and aggressive. James countered everything, catching the bandai and putting Duncan down countless times. His ringcraft was excellent and he used his left bandai and leg kick very well. Duncan landed some strong punches early on but James found his range and started effortlessly slipping and countering. He looked in control all the time and spoiled his opponent who was visibly frustrated. James won by unanimous decision and became the new WBC National champion.

Jillian Corbett vs Amy Campbell

This was a bad decision. Jillian was stronger more effective in all the techniques that she used. Amy had a very high work rate but DID NOT hurt Jillian at all. Jillian’s punches were more solid and effective, her knees were stronger and sharper and she hammered Amy’s leg to the point that she could not stand properly at the end of the fight …. she looked liked she’d taken a beating her face was red and she was even helped out of the ring carried upstairs back to the changing rooms and then cartied out of the hotel to the car park!!!! …… and they gave the fight to Amy???  We were all gutted and very disappointed with the decision and for Jillian. We have to respect the judges decision but think on this occasion it was the wrong one. We would love a rematch as soon as Amy can walk again.

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