Wickerpedia 28.11.16


St Paul’s Hotel Sunday 4th Dec 12noon.

Tickets are now on sale from reception (£30 adult £20 junior) for this big event debuting our novice fighters …..

Neil Bamforth, Hasan Raja, Kacper Stadniczuk, Brandon Bamforth.

Please come and support them on their first fight, they have trained hard and been so dedicated. We wish them all the very best of luck.

Wicker Camp Xmas Party

Sunday 11th December from 6pm @ Bar 27 (same venue as Trix’s party). The venue is £200 and the buffet is £500 so we are kindly asking for £3 per head to go towards paying for the event, if we sell 100 tickets that will be very helpful as the gym will pay the rest. Friends and family more than welcome. Tickets will be available from reception next week.

Group Grading

Our next group grading is on Sunday 18th December. Please talk to an instructor if you are thinking about grading and do not put your name down until you have been advised you are ready to grade.

Everyone must pick up a rules and conduct from reception and be clear what is required.

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