Happy New Year


We would like to wish everyone a very healthly and happy new year.

2016 was a great year for Wicker Camp in so many ways. We saw a few students reach the coveted red armband stage (trainee instructor), a level not reached by many; additionally our already strong teaching team was strengthened with newly qualified instructors.

The gym had a bit of a makeover in April with the kind help from students and instructors a new mat was fitted and a lick of paint here and there, we’ve got some great new punch bags, pads and equipment this year which makes a big difference to the quality of experience.

The women only classes have continued to grow and become extremely popular introducing more females into the gym and this wonderful martial art. The junior classes too have grown this year which is so important as these kids are the future of Muay Thai. We are blessed at Wicker Camp that we keep students for so long and that so many of our junior students stay with us for years and are still training as adults. Some are now training beside their children which is fantastic and makes me and Mick feel really old.

Charity wise we have continued to support a number of local charities in particular Rough Sleepers and SWOPP in Sheffield with the help of your kind and generous donations throughout the year.

Internationally we continue to sponsor, through Plan International, La Orngdao a girl in Northern Thailand providing financial support for her and her family. Trix has continued to support her chosen charity ‘Smiles of Angkor Childrens Village’ in Siem Reap in Cambodia. The money donated has been used to help provide education (from simple teaching resources to purpose built buildings and fresh water installations) and support children and their families to access these services. The latest donation of £200 provided new bikes for a group of children and family members who lived 15 miles from their nearest school and walked to and from school for years. Majority of the money donated this year was used to install fresh drinking water at a primary school, something we take for granted. 

We have had a great year for competing too seeing some great performances from all our fighters some winning titles (Jillian Corbett WRSA European and James Pierce WBC National). We’ve fought all over the UK, Scotland, London, Jersey and seen fighters winning prestige fights like Chrystian Korzienowski in Sheffield against the French guy. We also saw the debut of some great novices with such promising futures and the return of old timers to the ring with great performances.

So what will 2017 mean to us? Well it’s actually Wicker Camp’s 40th anniversary!! Mick founded the gym in 1977 in a small gym based just off the Wicker, hence the name.

We (Trix) is planning a trip to Thailand (date to be confirmed but probably late November)  which hopefully will see some of our fighters compete there. Details of the trip will be published soon.

We hope to continue our charity work with more fundraising events at the gym. The first one is a Team Sparring event early February open to all graded students.

We hope to promote a couple of gym shows to debut our novice fighters and want to attend more interclubs at other gyms for students to test themselves and prepare for the real thing.

We look forward to another great year promoting and developing our great sport and helping people become healthier and happier by providing a positive and caring environment to train in.

We thank you for your continued support and commitment to Wicker Camp and wish you a very successful 2017 in all your adventures.

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