Wickerpedia 10.01.2016

Wickerpedia 10.01.2016

Thailand 2017 40th Anniversary Trip

The dates have been confirmed for this year’s Thailand trip. It will be Friday 10th November to Sunday 26th November inclusive. Anyone interested in going there will be a meeting this Saturday 14th January at 5.30pm in reception at the gym.

Team Sparring 5th February 2016

We will be hosting our first event of the year on 05.02.2016. Team Sparring is a friendly fun event in which any graded student can take part. You are placed in two teams RED and BLUE and are matched up with a fellow student (either one of your choice or we allocate partners) and do 3 x 1 minute rounds of sparring. The sparring is light and technical and Mick judges the bouts and the winning team gets the coveted Team Sparring Championship cup (won by the BLUE team last time).

imageAnyone interested please put your name down on the list on reception or have a chat with Mick or Trix for further information. This event is a fundraiser for the gym and we will be donating some funds to a local charity (requests will be considered).



Group Grading

The 1st class pass trophies from the December grading have arrived so anyone outstanding one please see Mick or Trix.



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