Wickerpedia 30.01.2017


Crucial Counters Seminar

Mick’s seminar was a fantastic success and thoroughly enjoyed by all. With thanks to Darren and James for their excellent demonstrations and Chicara for all the help on reception and photographing. Pictures and clips can be seen on youtube. Looking forward to the next one then keep an eye on the website for the date.

Team Sparring

An order of bouts will be posted on Thursday on the website and a hard copy to view on reception. The day will run in hourly slots so please make sure you check your time and are there in plenty of time to warm up and prepare. £5 to enter and spectate.

2016 Awards

A little bit late but we are wanting to put together a number if Wicker Camp awards for 2016. This will be to celebrate and award individuals for their achievement, attitude and dedication to Muay Thai at Wicker Camp. There will be a number of categories that you as students can nominate fellow students and instructors for and other categories that will be awarded by instructors only and a few by only Mick and Trix.

Categories will be posted soon and the opportunity to vote will follow.

Thailand 2017 

The trip is now full and no more places will be made available. With 52 people travelling it is certainly the biggest trip ever!!!! If I survive the year I need an award myself. Looking forward to it.

Upcoming Show

We are hoping to get Cbrystian Korzeniowski and James Pierce matcbed for a show at the end of February. Will let you know when and where soon.

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