Team Sparring









Thank you to everyone who participated and supported this event. There were some excellent performances and some nerves and fears were certainly conquered along the way. It’s an excellent way to test your ability in a very relaxed and informal atmosphere, to gain confidence and believe in your ability.

The 2 teams were captained very well by senior Instruct Sinead Gibney (Red Team) and Trainee Instructor James Pierce (Blue Team). The bouts were extremely well and evenly matched with scores being 14 to Blue and 13 to Red by the last round. It was all on the last bout between arch enemies Jimbob and Dan!!! They put on a fantastically skilled and entertaining performance with final decision going to Blue. So once again Blue team win and keep the coveted Team Sparring championship cup.

The event was a joint fundraiser for the gym (funds to go towards the new central heatimg system in the end rooms) and for Sheffield Rough Sleepers charity with the proceeds being split equally.

We raised £630 in total from participants and spectators so £315 for the charity.

These events are an excellent way to raise and support both the gym and small local charities that otherwise get overlooked. If you know of a local charity that may need supporting then please get in touch we are always willing to support them.


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