Wickerpedia 13.06.2017


Jersey – Rob and Kacper are fighting this weekend in Jersey. We will hopefully live streaming the fights so tune in to support.

Group Grading – the next group grading is Sunday 2nd July. The list has gone on reception today so if you are interested please have a chat with an instructor before putting your name down. Rules and Conduct sheets are available from reception.

Wicker Camp shorts – we have a new batch of  authentic Wicker Camp Thai Boxing shorts on sale all the way from Thailand. Some great colours and designs to choose from.

Open Session Nights – this month’s popular open session nights will be on Wednesday 28th and Thursday 29th June. An excellent time to go through your syllabus or practice the Ram Muay before the grading or just come and train at your leisure. Plenty of instructors and senior students around to help with advice.

Thailand 2017 – the next meeting will be on Saturday 1st July at 5pm. This is quite an important meeting as everything has more or less been booked. It will confirm the itinerary, accommodation and next payment dates so please try to make it. It will also be an opportunity to see what trips are available and advice on jabs, spending money and any other matters concerning you. trix@wickercamp.co.uk.


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