Wickerpedia 26.06.17


Group Grading – the deadline for names will be Tuesday evening 8pm and the final times will be posted on Wednesday. Please make sure you have a rules and conduct for grading sheet available from reception.

Summer Team Sparring Party – Sunday 30th July we will be hosting a Team Sparring event and a summer gym party. This will be a free event and we invite people to get involved, taking part, bringing in food, helping with food set up, or even a bit of reffing! Hopefully it will be a dry day so we could set up outside for food and pop up BBQ? More details to follow

Plea to help a dog- we have been informed of a lovely natured 2yr old German Shepherd dog who is looking for a new owner. The current owner is Polish and has had to go back to Poland indefinitely……. so the dog only speaks Polish!! So if any Polish person would like a dog for life please get in touch.

Eid – we would like to wish all our Muslin students a happy Eid and look forward to seeing you all back training soon.

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