Wickerpedia 04.07.17

Wickerpedia 04.07.17

Group Grading- congratulations to everyone who took part in the grading on Sunday. The standard as always was very high with a number of people achieving 1st class passes; credit to our team of dedicated instructors. We now have your kruang rangs which you can collect from reception.

Team Sparring and Summer Party 30th July – this event is in-house so we would like as many people to get involved as possible. Its a fun and exciting event to participate in and will be nice to have a social event afterwards. You can help by bringing food and refreshments which we will do aswell.

Thailand 2017 trip- quite a number of people did not attend the meeting on Sat! You need to catch up with me as soon as possible so I can go over what was discussed. Text or email me to arrange a time to suit both of us.


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