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Another great show at Crookes Social Club and a thank you to Hamdi  and Amreen Karim for promoting the show and getting all our fighters matched. We are so proud of all our fighters they trained really hard and performed really well. A big thank you to Pete McCormick, James Ogden and Jimbob for their help in the changing room and at ringside and also to Roo for great time keeping. Here is a brief summary of all the fights.

Wicker Camp

Kacper Stadniczuk vs Louis Shipton (Beastmasters)

Kacper came down a weight category for this fight as we felt 66kg was too heavy for him. Beastmasters are a very good old camp and their fighters are always well schooled. Louis was no exception to that and dominated the first 2 rounds. the 3rd round saw Kacper stepping up and he came back in the last 2 rounds. It was a close decision and we were split in the corner as were the judges and the result was a draw. A good fight for Kacper who performed better at this weight.

Joe Waller vs Daniel Richardson (Erawan)

This was Joe’s first fight, always a little bit of an unknown. We weren’t sure whether this was too heavy a weight category for Joe. His opponent was visibly a bigger lad and this became obvious in the fight. We debated to pull Joe out at the end of the 3rd round but he wanted to carry on. Joe fought really well and showed great courage and heart but Daniels knees in the clinch proved too strong for Joe in the end and the referee stopped the fight at the end of the 4th round. A learning fight for all and Joe will hopefully be back but at a lighter weight.

Chrystian Korzeniowski vs Fernando Nogueira (Dinamite Camp Portugal)

Chrystians 2nd international fight and another B class bout. An important stepping stone for Chrystian looking at bigger titles and A class fights next year. Fernando came from a good camp in Portugal with a good reputation but we didn’t know anything about him at all. Chrystian started strong as always and won the first 2 rounds convincingly with Fernando getting cut in the first and taking an 8 count in the 2nd. He came back a bit in the 3rd round but Chrystian was too strong and stopped him in  the end. Another good win for Chrystian and on to bigger fights.

Michael Oratko vs Ben Schulze (Ni Yai Thai)

This was a demo bout as Ben Schulze was due to fight for a British Title but his opponent pulled out at the last minute. Hamdi asked if we had anyone that could do a demo bout with Ben and Mick asked Michael if he was interested. Michael a very gifted young lad and only a B2 but shows great potential and has had a couple of interclubs and done very well. This was a good opportunity for him to perform and gain experience (daunting to most people) and a chance to see how well he would do. Ben showed great control because he must have been very frustrated but Michael performed extremely well. He’s doing the interclub next week in Birmingham so I’m sure he will do very well there too.

Ryan Tariq vs Lee Parkinson (Fighting Fit)

Firstly we thank Steve Scott from Fighting Fit for taking this fight as Ryan’s original opponent pulled out and Lee was a replacement. However Ryan was due to fight at 57kg and Lee is a 63kg fighter but we agreed on 61.5kg max. Lee was taller and looked bigger than Ryan but Ryan started off very strong with solid leg kicks. The fight was pretty even with Lee’s work rate being higher but the better technique coming from Ryan who managed to keep scoring with strong solid kicks and punches and in the end won on points. A good fight for Ryan who shows great potential and one to look out for in the future.

Chicara Gerrard vs Holly Spence (Lumpini)

Another very good camp with well schooled fighters from John Jarvis. This fight was originally set at 66kg but they requested a lighter weight so we agreed on 65kg on the day which Chicara struggled with a bit but managed to make 64.8kg. Chicara looked bigger and stronger and from the first round dominated the fight with big kicks and big punches. Holly’s work rate was there but there was no damage being inflicted and although Chicara looked tired towards the end of the fight she continued to land solid strong kicks and punches knocking Holly back time and time again. Credit to Holly she was a tough girl but we were absolutely convinced Chicara would get the decision. There was some confusion with the announcement but the judges gave it to Holly!!!!

We are all absolutely gutted for Chicara who has worked so hard and sacrificed so much (as all fighters do) over summer. This was her last chance to fight until next year as she is studying at University and will not get the chance to commit to training again until next summer. In my opinion the judges were wrong and there is a strange trend at the moment in judging that does not score the leg kick!! Muay Thai is a kicking sport and surely if one of those kicking techniques is dangerous enough to do damage and hinder an opponent then it should be credited alongside other kicks? We will continue to school our fighters using all kicks and embrace this great art of kicking in its entirety regardless of current trend.

Hasan Raja  vs Tommy Anderson (Warrior Muay Thai)

This was Hasan’s 2nd fight and we have brought him down a weight category to 72kg however, both fighters weighed in at just under 71kg. Hasan has a promising future in the sport and has worked so hard from when he first started losing about 20kg!! Hasan performs so naturally and he is a pleasure to watch. It was a good fight and Tommy did actually look stronger but Hasan’s skill and timing was brilliant. A great fight for Hasan and we all look forward to his next one.

James Pierce vs Matthew Daalman (Team Solo Holland)

This was James’s first international bout and under B class rules. We were looking for something different in James for this fight as his last fight he performed under par. Matthew started off very well in the first 2 rounds with James struggling to find his range and land techniques solidly. In the 3rd round James started to come forward more and taking the fight to Matthew. He continued to improve in the 4th and 5th we really saw a new James. We all thought it was close and wasn’t sure if he had done enough in the latter rounds to make up but the judges gave it to James. An excellent performance and a corner turned for James that we hope will continue into his next fight. We do feel that we must say we thought Matthew should have won so credit to him.

Thank you to all our supporters who  really did make the night special with your big gobs and lots of love you made us feel special too.

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