Classes tonight at Wicker Camp


It’s all happening at Wicker Camp…..and here’s tonight’s offerings;

5.00pm     Muay Thai Sparring class – 90mins of non stop light contact sparring for all graded students. This is your big chance to develop your skills in sparring with useful tips, drills, tricks, feints and combinations.

6.30pm     Traditional Thai style Shin Conditioning – Come and have your shinbone bashed by a 100yr old bamboo root!!! Thai herbs and medicinal ointment applied to ease your screaming…….

7.00pm     “Mick’s Awesome World of Pain” – A truly incredible collection of the most torturous, old skool, hardcore power building exercises EVER devised. Come and try the Chiangrai wheel, the hamstring tower, dragon flags, chopping down the tree and 50 more excruciating, gut ripping, pant soiling strength and conditioning exercises that you won’t see anywhere else in the region. First session FREE everyone is welcome.

8.00pm     Adult Beginners Muay Thai – A fantastic class for absolute beginners 16yrs+. Fun and challenging, this session provides a solid foundation for learning Muay Thai…fighting stance, footwork, defence and the essential mechanics of how to punch, kick, knee and elbow, Thai style.

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