Muay Thai Seminar THIS SUNDAY at Wicker Camp.

“The Essential Guide to Throws, Sweeps and Takedowns in Muay Thai”.
This seminar is now FULL and I cannot wait to meet/see you all THIS SUNDAY, 1st October for a rollocking good seminar of Muay Thai thrills and spills!
Gym will be open from 8.15am for a meet and greet, energising, chilled refreshments will be FREEly available to get your engines started. The seminar will begin at 9am sharp and finish at 11am. Remember, there’s also an optional and free 60 minute clinch class until 12noon if you’d like to participate in that too.
Remember to bring your shinpads – both types, leather and elasticated, if you have’em, to maximise leg/ankle protection during practice. The seminar is packed with content and will run at a furious, intense pace with round after round of practice and problem solving tips to make your technique more effective.
Polite request: Anyone on my list who CANNOT attend this Sunday’s seminar….please let me know; I have a small reserve list of people desperate to attend, so please be courteous and considerate – don’t just NOT turn up. Thanks.

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