40 years of Muay Thai at Wicker Camp.


As I sit here and write this, on the eve of our biggest ever Trip to Thailand, I reflect on the past 40 years of many happy and some sad memories Muay Thai has given me so far; The wonderful friends I made, meeting my lovely soul mate, Trix, who joined me in 1989, the people we sadly lost forever along the way and my amazing students whom I have been privileged to see grow from young ones into incredible people who now forge their own individual paths in life and the countless champions we’ve made along the way.

We’ve also had many, many fighters who’ve had the skill and opportunity to fight in Thailand over the years, from Roy Mann in 1985 (first ever for Wicker Camp at a time when it was near impossible for Farang to get a fight unless you were really good) to James Pierce and Chrys Korzeniowski two of the latest fighters to represent Wicker Camp at Ratchadamnern Stadium in Bangkok. I’m even more proud of the large proportion of students who still continue to train and are well into their 40’s 50’s and 60’s and have been with me for 20+ years!!! (you know who you are….).

SO, the year 2017 marks Wicker Camps 40th anniversary and what a great tribute to have 57 students (on the plane) coming with us and a further 20+ meeting us out there to celebrate our great achievement. It’s going to be an amazing party. I’ve got some dear old friends coming along too to keep me out of trouble! I’m looking forward to seeing Jitti Damriram, my friend of 35 years, Khun Kajorn Prowsiri, who will be a very old man now….(?), Tanom Sak, Nate Kittipadunkul and Stephan Fox of the World Muay Thai Council.

The organisation of such a massive trip with flights, transfers, accommodation, excursions, training, stadium tickets etc (all done at cost and without any profit…) would not be possible without my beautiful Trix! She’s organised virtually EVERYTHING and I’d be lost without her. Oh and you all would probably be staying at a ‘roach infested dingy room on Wisut Kasat if I’d have organised this trip. Hahaha. (No Farang Thai guest house, 50 Baht per night and very near Ratchadamnern Stadium).

Wicker Camp continues to grow and develop year by year…. New members seem to keep coming AND staying with us. ( which I’m eternally grateful for) Someone once asked why I thought Wicker Camp was so popular and always busy? I wasn’t sure why so I thought for a moment and came to the conclusion that…..,  it’s a place where you can feel safe, never get ripped off, always expect fairness, we’ll see you as an individual and not just a customer. Yes I know it’s a sweatbox, old skool type gym but it’s not meant to be a pretty place. The choice of apparatus and facilities is incomparable and the teaching and experience is certainly on a par with the best camps in Thailand! We offer upwards of 35+ Muay Thai sessions a week in our full time 3500 sq ft gym, NOT even including private tuition all starting at the cheapest rates for any gym ANYWHERE!!!

So thank you all for being a part of the past 40 years and I look forward to seeing you all over the NEXT 40 years (when I’ll be 98!).

Chok Dee Kraap.

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  1. Stephen Reilly on November 9th, 2017 12:00pm

    Congratulations Mick and Trix on a phenomenal anniversary, your gym is renowned for great fighters and nice people, yourselves included. In fact I know that you’re both too modest to take the credit but many people would testify that it is your good nature, fairness and great teaching abilities coupled with great experience that attracts the right kind of people to your great gym. The fact that 57 are flying over to Thailand with you and 20 more meeting you there is the evidence. Have a great trip, good luck to your fighters, and I hope Wicker Camp continues to have the great success it deserves, chok dee na krap !

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