Fights at Rajadamneon in Thailand


James Pierce fought a more experienced Japanese fighter who had fought in Thailand before.


The fight started very slow with both lads not wanting to commit 1st. The Japanese lad took control over the 1st two rounds pushing forward and scoring 1st with James struggling to get into the fight. James woke up a bit in the 3rd and had the Japanese lad backing up. James knew he had to work so hard in the last 2 rounds as he was behind on points.

The 4th round was James’s and he pushed forward scoring well with kicks, knees and punches. He needed another very strong round in the 5th to win. He worked very well again but it was all a bit too late. He lost on points and he knew after that if he had got going in the the 2nd or 3rd he would have nailed it!

An excellent opportunity and experience, hes not hurt except for his knee from blocking too low, a great performance and he’s positive for his next one.

Chrystian fought an experienced Thai who looked a bit out of shape but that’s not always anything to go by!


Chrystian started strong in the 1st landing strong kicks and punches. The Thai took an 8 count from a punch and it was clear the fight might not go 5 rounds. In the 2nd round the Thai landed some solid leg kicks but again Chrys pushed forward knocking the Thai to floor again and towards the end of the 2nd he landed a head kick followed by a flurry of punches, he went down and the ref stopped the contest.

A great performance from Chrystian he kept his cool and fought well. In the Thai’s defence he did give weight away and was visibly smaller and said after to Chrystian ” your too big ” lol.

Well done to both fighters and our fantastic party of Vickers (the Thai’s had us billed as Vickers Camp!!). Many thanks to Jitti for arranging the fights and it was his birthday too!

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