Thailand 2017

Thailand 2017

Well we have finally come to the end of our 40th anniversary trip. We are 38,000ft up flying over Eastern Turkey and 4hrs 30mins away from home.

The trip was a great success and everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Initially, I wasn’t looking forward to taking such a large group (57) but they have been a wonderful group, focused on their training, focused on their drinking and partying and up for some cultural appreciation too!

It was lovely to be joined by ex-students such as Mani Singh who flew in from New York to spend 4 days in Bangkok with us and Nathan Kitttipadungkul who flew in from a business trip from London to spend a night at Rajadamneon with us watching James and Chrystian fight.

Other students joined us in Samui, Pete and Gill, Jimbob and Bex (we had a great 30th party for Jimbob), Lizzie and Chris with Tash and Jordan who were just newly engaged!

Training at great gyms and gaining valuable experience to seeing temples, waterfalls and eating in deserted beach restaurants in Samui to Tuk-tuk racing through the busy mad roads in Bangkok and drinking buckets of happiness and joy!

Im sure the trip will be a memorable one for all. It was a pleasure to do and hopefully we will see you on the next one in 2 years.

Thank you to everyone for being well just great and thank you to my lovely family Mick and Roo who had to endure not seeing me much at times but were there for me when I needed them.

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