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Gym Show

Our Rising Stars Novice Gym Show on Sunday 25th March is only 6 weeks away. Tickets are limited and will be available from the 1st of March and are £10 to all.

If anyone would like to sponsor a fighter for £40 this will give you 2 front row seats, advertising and the opportunity to award trophies to the fighters in the ring. Please contact 07743596420 or email trix@wickercamp.co.uk.

Changing Rooms

We are having a clear out once again in the changing rooms as there is stuff in there that’s been there for weeks and weeks! Any item of clothing that is left after Friday 2nd March will either be recycled or used for punch bag filling or binned.

Gloves and Shinpads for sale

We are getting rid of the old smelly gloves and shinpads from the grey cupboard next to the boxing ring. If you have left any gloves in there please make sure you collect them by Friday 2nd March. After that date all items will be disposed of.

Group Grading

Our next group grading is on Sunday 8th April. This date is slightly later than planned due to our gym show event at the end of March.

Anyone considering grading please start to make preparation now. Talk to an instructor to find out what it entails and pick up a ‘rules and conduct’ sheet from reception. Maybe book a private lesson or get together with a few other beginners to have a small group lesson (max 6 people) to do a mock grading so you know what to expect.

A booking sheet to enter your name will go up on reception about 2 weeks before, please make sure you have been advised by an instructor before putting your name down.


We are delivering a women only taster session on Saturday 10th March at 3pm in the Millenium Gallery as one the events on this weekend festival. Please spread the word to any women who may want to come along to this event and have an informal go in an all female environment just like at Wicker Camp on Sunday afternoons between 2 and 4pm.


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