Wickerpedia 07.03.18

Wickerpedia 07.03.18

TICKETS  – tickets for the gym show will be on sale from tonight. Tickets cannot be ordered or saved, you need to come in and purchase them from reception. All tickets are £10.

HOODYS – If you ordered a HOODY please come and collect it from reception.

MEMBERSHIP CARDS – EVERYONE must show their membership card at reception on every visit. If you have lost your card please order a new card at reception. If your membership has expired then pick up a price list ….. our unlimited membership packages start at £30 per month. 

GROUP GRADING – Sunday 8th April. Please check with an instructor to confirm you are ready to grade before putting your name down and collect a      ‘ rules and conduct’ sheet from reception.

SHEFEST – Trix will be running a drop in beginner taster workshop at the Millenium Gallery in Activity Room 8 on Saturday 10th March. This weekend Festival is to celebrate women and their diversity and Wicker Camp are very committed to promote Thai Boxing and encourage participation. We are very proud to have lots of women training with us and we have 4 qualified female instructors which is nearly 50% of our instructor cohort. Any Wicker Camp woman who would like to help encourage other women to try Thai Boxing by having a chat with them or taking them on the pads at the event please meet at the room at 2.30pm Sat.

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