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Kacper and Ryan both won on points and performed very well. Kacper dominated his fight and used his kicks very well especially to the body and head. Ryans opponent was very tough and resilient and Ryan showed he can really dig in and keep control when needed.

James fought the Spanish champion Isaac Araya as a last minute opponent change, he was vastly more experience and usually fights heavier. This was James’s 1st A class fight so was going to be a tough learning fight. James injured his left foot in the 1st round kicking to the body and hitting Isaacs elbow and was struggling to put weight on it by the end of the round. You could see Isaac was more experienced just beating James to the punch and kick. James was happy to see how it would hold up in the 2nd but then got caught by a super fast right elbow and sustained a nasty cut over his left eye and the doctor stopped the contest. An unfortunate end to the fight for James.

Chrystian fought Fraser Weightman who is a very experienced 95kg K1 and kick boxing champion. Again we took this fight as there was no other opponent and it would be a good test for Chrys. Chrys was visibly smaller and as a K1 fight was a little restricted. The first round was a real battle with Fraser landing some heavy shots to Chrys but Chrys replying with fantastic kicks and knees. Fraser dropped Chrys he got straight back up took an 8 count and got back into the fight catching Fraser with a solid head kick that really rocked Fraser and he was gone. The referee stepped in at that point not allowing Chrys to finish him off! Chrys got straight back into the fight again landing a jumping knee to Fraser’s chest and a barrage of punches which the referee stepped in to give Fraser an 8 count! Fraser looked tired in his corner and had never been troubled like this before. In the second round Chrys came out strong again with his kicks and knees and Fraser knew he had to do something. He caught Chrys in the blue corner with a barrage of punches and Chrys went down and the referee stopped the contest.

An absolutely great fight with Chrys showing so much courage and heart and he was so close to winning that fight in the 1st round. Invaluable experience gained against a much more experienced and heavier opponent.

Well done to all our fighters and a big thank you to our spectators.

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  1. trix on April 15th, 2018 11:18am

    *It was James Pierce’s 2nd FTR fight.

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