Interclub Barnsley

Interclub Barnsley

Well done to all those who took part in the interclub in Barnsley at Mission Muay Thai. Everyone performed very well and gained valuable experienced.

Juniors – Ali Lami, Roo March-Mullaney, Declan Atkinson, Jayden Atkinson, Siraaj Haroon, Hanniyah Karim.

Seniors – Kirsty Wilson, Luke Wilson, Don Wall, Danny Maybury-Swallow, Scott Fletcher, Sam Cripps, Dave Mitchell, David Mason, Rhys Richards, Leon Samuels, Reza Ghanbari, Brandon Bamforth.

Many thanks to Lucy and Daniel Horabin for a well organised event and to Cbrystian Korzeniowski for being my right hand man. Ttix

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