Wickerpedia 08.05.2018


A fantastic Bank Holiday weekend lots of sunshine and lots of training. We will be open the same on the 28th, morning bagwork 10-11am followed by an open session 11-12 noon.

Interclub 20.05.18

The name list is now closed for this event. Further details will be posted regarding transport etc. nearer the time. If you are taking your car and have space then please let me know so we can car share.

T-shirts and shorts

We are waiting for Wicker Camp t-shirts and for Wicker Camp shorts from Thailand. I will let you know when they arrive.

Beginner Junior Grading

There is a group grading for beginner juniors (B1 only) on 27th May. Students who are ready will be given a consent letter to return. Please be patient with the progression of your childs development, the step from the B1 class to the graded class is quite big and it’s essential they are fully prepared and ready.

Warrior 6 Leamington Spa

Chrystian Korzeniowski will be fighting on this show against Don Witherall from Mungkorn Dam. Tickets are available from reception only £30.



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