Team Sparring Event


We are hosting a summer Team Sparring event on Friday 3rd August from 5pm until end. (This will replace all classes that evening).

Team Sparring is an in-house event that any graded student can enter. You can spar with someone you choose or we can match up. You can go open or just to the body, whatever you geel comfortable with and it will be 3 x 1.30 minute rounds in the ring. It’s a great way to test your sparring skills and the contact is kept very light by our instructors who will act as referees.

It’s one of those events that people want to do but are a bit unsure but you are in completely safe hands. It’s  £5 to enter and or spectate, chairs will be out and you can bring some food if you like.

Interested?? Then put your name down on the list on reception. X

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  1. Sebastian on September 27th, 2018 6:29pm

    Team sparring Wicker cam

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