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Results Coventry

Ryan Tariq vs Jack Nunn. ryan tariq 08.07.18This was a tough fight for Ryan, Jack was very strong and dominated the fight with solid knees in the clinch. Ryan worked better at long range but struggled to keep Jack away, his knees were relentless and unfortunately we retired Ryan in the 4th round. A disappointing result for Ryan but he is determined to learn from the experience and come back stronger.

sam cripps 08.07.18Sam Cripps vs Ben Davies. This was a good learning fight for Sam who fought strategically. Unlike Ryans fight Sam won this fight in the clinch keeping Ben tied up and landing strong relentless knees which took its toll on Ben. Sam fought exactly the right fight and showed strength of character in keeping to the game plan. A good points victory for Sam and the clinchwork class paid off.

brandon bamforth 08.07.18Brandon Bamforth vs Kaine Barodfoot- Cox. Kaine was shorter, older and much more muscular than Brandon so this was going to be another strategic battle. Kaine was relentless with his punches and Brandon initially found it hard to counter and took to just covering up, taking the punches and waiting. As the fight progressed he started to land beautiful knees and kicks to Kaines body and looked like he was back in the fight countering. His confidence grew in the final rounds but Kaine had scored too much early on so a loss on points was the final decision. Brandon showed amazing resilience and courage and as a result was awarded fighter of the night with a £50 bonus.

ian smith 08.07.18Ian Smith vs Nick Marceta. This was an excellent first fight for Ian. Nick looked the business when he stepped into the ring but Ian started off very well landing lovely straight strong jabs to Nicks face. His work rate was excellent and landed accurate well timed kicks, knees and punches. Nick looked in trouble in the 2nd round but came back a bit in the 3rd and 4th but Ian really dominated the fight throughout. A great points win for Ian.

Group Grading 15.07.2018

This week is the last chance to put your name down for the grading this weekend. Make sure your name is down by Wednesday.


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