Nak Muay Legacy

Barnsley Metrodome 15.09.2018

This fantastic event featuring all action Muay Thai bouts from camps across the UK including our very own Wicker Camp fighters.

James Ogden returns to the ring fighting A class.

James Pierce is back again.

Jaz Meates is back after a long time out.

Kacper Stadniczuk is moving up in the ranks and fighting for an English Title.

Hasan Raja returns for a C class bout.

Hanniyah Hamdi our junior girl is back again.

We are hoping Declan and Jayden Atkinson will also be matched.

Tickets are £30/£15 standard,  VIP (2 course meal with table service)  £50.

Charlie Revitt RIP

We will be attending Charlie’s funeral and sending flowers from the gym. If anyone wants to send a card or flowers or go to the funeral please text 07743596420 for details.

Interclub Birmingham

Names and weights have been forwarded for this event. Please assume you have been matched. I will let you know what time to meet later in the week and please let me know if you need a lift.

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