Barnsley Metrodome


What a great night, we are so proud of our fighters and students.

4 great fights ………..

Hanniyah fought well on her debut big show and showed a lot of courage and spirit and we were very happy with a draw for her.

Kacper’s 1st B class fight for an English title was a big step up. The fight was close but Kacper worked that little bit harder and is now the new UKMF English Champion at 65kg.

James Pierce gave a skilful performance and it was very close match but James just out- pointed his opponent and looked stronger. A good win for James who’s had a few tough fights recently.

James Ogden was the show stopper, after a long time out of the ring (3 1/2 years) and a long journey to get fit to fight after shoulder and back injuries his performance was awesome. Choosing to fight the number 3 ranked fighter in the UK under full Thai rules was a bold decision but he wanted to see where he was and to test himself. It was a great fight, both cautious initially and the fight developed into a tactical battle of skill and technique. James was a bit hesitant at times and Bilaal seized those opportunities to score, a close fight with Billal taking the win on points. A fantastic come back fight from James and we look forward to seeing him in the ring again very soon.

A big thank you to Hamdi and Amreen Karim for promoting the show and giving us the opportunity. A massive thank you to our 230+ students from Wicker Camp who supported the show, your commitment and loyalty is amazing. Many thanks to our great corner team, Pete, Jimbob and Roo who work tirelessly behind the scene to make sure it all goes smoothly.

Finally a big hug, kiss and much love to my lovely shy Mick Mullaney, his quiet passion and dedication to his fighters and the sport of Muay Thai continues to inspire me and warm our hearts.



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