Chicara 21!!!!

Chicara 21!!!!

Chicara Gerrard is going to be 21!!!

Chicara started at Wicker when she was just 5yrs old!!!! I still have the original photo of her in her licence book!!!! (She wouldn’t thank me for posting that)

That makes us feel terribly old and at the same time wonderfully happy that we are still part of her life.

Chicara was extremely shy as a child but that didn’t stop her eventually getting in the ring and competing. She developed into a formidable junior fighter and eventually became a junior champion.


Paul, her dad devoted so much of his time bringing both Chicara and her brother LJ (yes the lovely LJ is her brother) to the gym, they very rarely missed a class. Driving to tournaments and interclubs all over the UK it is this dedication from parents (Cath her mum too) that sometimes is overlooked, they need praise too.

She is now in her final year at Uni studying to become a PE teacher, she is a fantastic trainee Instructor in the gym and has been teaching the junior classes for a few years now. During her 1st year at Uni she competed as an adult for the 1st time in the ring with devastating effect (if anyone saw that fight the picture says it all). We look forward to seeing her in the ring again one day.






We have watched her grow up into a beautiful young woman. She is celebrating at the gym tonight with friends and family and we want to wish her a very happy birthday and hope we will see many more together.

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