Wickerpedia 16.10.18


Pride Park Derby

We have 12 fighters on this show, some complete novices N class, some C class, some juniors and James Pierce fighting internationlly against an Italian at B class.

This is a lovely venue that we’ve fought at many times. We would love to have a good crowd to support them all.

Tickets are £30 and if we can get 30 people wanting to go by coach I will book one so let me know 07743596420.

Ben’s Charity

Ben’s Centre is a small charity that provide a day centre and a street Outreach program for vulnerable adults in Sheffield City Centre. Their primary client base is homelessness and those suffering through addictions.

We are collecting the following items up to the end of October:

Sleeping bags
Tea, coffee and sugar
Warm hats, gloves and scarves
Size 30-36 jeans/combats
Size 8-11 sturdy shoes
Sweet treats!

Please don’t bring any other item in only those on the list above.

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