Results Derby and Barnsley


Derby Saturday

Can I start by praising all our fighters who competed in Derby last night. A combination of skill, fitness and sheer courage was displayed between them all.

Evy Caillaiu narrowly lost on points. It was a 5 round non stop battle and although Evy had the better technique she was just out scored by her opponent.

Reza Ghanbari fought his heart out against a tough opponent. Winning the 1st 2 rounds he began to run out of steam in the 3rd. He got caught with a good punch in the 4th the referee stopped the contest. Reza has been fighting off a cold for a few weeks now and was not 100% fit. He did break his opponents nose so all was not lost!

Leon Samuels looked really sharp and focused. His footwork was good and his technique was clean and accurate. His opponent was strong taking solid blows to the chin. He won every round, so an excellent 1st performance.

Rhys Richards also looked very sharp starting off with a very strong 1st round. He continued to keep focused landing solid left hooks and right bandais. In the end a convincing points win.

Jack Singh was in 5th gear from the start of the fight scoring excellent kicks and landing solid punches. Even though his opponent was 3kg heavier he still looked rocked at times. The 2nd round saw Jack even more confident and after a flurry of punches his opponent was counted out.





James Pierce fought a very strong confident Italian fighter who had very dangerous punches. 1st round was pretty even until the last 10 seconds when Mateo unleashed a barrage of strong solid punches!!! The plan was to spoil him, make him miss and score back. James did exactly that scoring with heavy leg kick counters, good punches and frustrating him constantly, it worked so well and by the last round he needed to knock James out to win ….. which he couldn’t do. A fantastic performance from James, one that showed he can fight quality strong opponents…….onward and upward.

Can I please thank our wonderful supporters and our marvellous corner team James, Jimbob and Hasan for their hard work. To all the fighters too …… we are very proud of you.

Barnsley Sunday

After getting to bed at 3am we were back up at 7am this morning.

This was an UKMF Amateur Tournament and we should have had 5 fighters compete but unfortunately Chrystian and Roo did not get matched.

Declan Atkinson this was his 1st fight and he performed really well. He worked hard throughout the fight and just lost on points.





Sebastian Holub this was his 1st fight and his performance was outstanding. He stopped his opponent in the 2nd round with sheer power and high work rate. He won his weight category and received a gold medal.





Jayden Atkinson has done extremely well and fought at a lighter weight this time. His fight was very well matched and they both worked hard but Jayden started stronger scoring more and was more aggressive gaining him the points early on. A sound performance worthy of his silver medal and looking forward to his next one.





Once again thank you to parents and supporters and James and Roo for their help today. After doing this for nearly 30 years sometimes it’s hard to stay motivated and enthusiastic but when I see my juniors working so hard and doing so well it makes me very proud and they inspire me.



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