Group Grading 16.12.2018


Please check your time and ensure you arrive at least 15 minutes before your start time to allow plenty of time for registration. Please remember your passport size photograph if this is your first grading. Your grading fee is £25 plus £10 for your 12 month licence and insurance. We wish you the best of luck.

DANIEL LAM                                             B1       10.00

RUBEN PASSOM                                       B1       10.00

MAXWELL FLEMMING                            B1       10.00

ADAM CHAMBERS                                    B1       10.00

BRYAN CHAMBERS                                  B1       10.00


NATASHA ROSE-WILLIAMS                   B1       10.50

ADAM LOY                                                   B1       10.50

JAMES BRAY                                              B1       10.50

JOSH DAKIN                                               B1       10.50


GEORGE ANDERSON                              B1       11.40

PAUL HUNT                                                B1       11.40

KIERA JAMES                                             B1       11.40


MICHAEL LAMBERT                                 B2       12.30

HARRISON STRINGER                            B2       12.30

HANNAH SEWELL                                     B2       12.30

JON COWDRILL                                         B2       12.30

ANDRZEJ PODSIADLY                            B2       12.30


BEN BARRETT                                           B3       1.30

CAT GIBBS                                                  B3       1.30

SCOTT FLINT                                              B3       1.30

ROB HARDIE                                               B3       1.30

JACK BURDETT                                        B3       1.30

HENRY CHESTER                                      B3       1.30


KIRSTY WILSON                                        I1        2.30

LUKE WILSON                                            I1        2.30

PETE DOVEY                                              I1        2.30

DAVID MASON                                           I1        2.30

JAYDAN ATKINSON                                 I2        2.30

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