Junior Show West Bromwich


Franki Sandor (Wicker camp) vs Jacob (Silver Spirt)

This was Franki’s first fight and this was quite a big show. Jacob was 2kg heavier and slightly more experienced. Franki was very nervous in the first few rounds and was inaccurate with his punches…, after several warnings, the referee deducted 1 point in round 2 and again in round 3. His footwork and defence was good and his overall performance was good but Jacob’s work rate was higher and had a really good body kick which won him the fight. A good learning fight for Franki, a few things to work and improve on for next time. Well done.

Hanniyah Hamdi  (Wicker camp) vs Lexie Peters (Assassins)

Hanniyah was also a couple of kg lighter and with half the experience of her opponent. Both girls started well with good technique. Hanniyah landing cleaner punches and Lexie landing more knees in the clinch. By the 4th round there was not much in it but Lexie’s work rate was slightly higher on the kicks which secured her the win. Another good learning fight and we look forward to Hanniyahs next performance.


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