Sponsored 6km Run 03.03.19


Declan, 12 years old is one of our junior students and fighters and has been with Wicker Camp for about 5 years.

He recently took it upon himself to do some research about the benefits of having a defibrillator after reading about the death of a kickboxer that could have been avoided if one had been available. After finding out how much they are (£1250) he asked if he could do a sponsored run to raise some money.

We agreed to support him by organising a series of fundraising events the juniors can do and welcomed the idea of having such a useful piece of equipment in the gym. He arranged to start by doing a 6km run which a few other juniors said they would do with him.

As a result of advertising his sponsored event online and through an ex-student who lives on the Isle of Skye, the gym has been offered a defibrillator by a charity in Scotland (Lucky2Bhere) that supplies them free of charge! How fantastic is that!!!

This SUNDAY is the first sponsored event to raise some funds for the charity Lucky2Bhere.  Declan, Roo and Sebastian will be running from the gym at 10am. Please support this event by sponsoring them 50p, £1, £2 whatever you can afford every little helps. You can donate online or at the gym.




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