Team Sparring


Tonight’s Team Sparring event starts at 5pm with our junior bouts kicking off the action. Although hourly slots have been allocated the order of bouts is subject to change and students need to be here in plenty of time to be ready on time so the evening can run smoothly. If you can arrive as early as possible to get warmed up BUT also to support others and be part of the wider event.

REMEMBER its a fundraising event so keep it nice and friendly. You have 2 very experienced captains (not mature but experienced) to make sure you perform well and guide you through the experience.

We hope you have a great time and you are more than welcome to bring your own food and drink in.

  • The UKMF is our governing body and due to Muay Thai not being recognised by Sport England yet the organisation and its clubs do not qualify for any sort of funding. It relies on subscriptions from students and fighters and possible private sector sponsorship. We offered to host an in-house event to raise funds for the organisation and we hope that other clubs will follow suit. This will help keep the sport of Muay Thai healthy and generate collective support for our organisation that is working so hard to gain recognition.

Thanks to YOU for taking part and to all our wonderful staff for giving their time and expertise.

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