Wickerpedia 07.02.19


Declans Sponsored Run 03.03.19 for Defibrillator charity Lucky2Bhere

If you haven’t paid your sponsor money yet please try and make the donation asap.

Junior Fighters

Frankie Sandor 9yrs and Hanniyah Karim 14yrs are fighting on Sunday in Birmingham. We wish them the very best of luck.

Team Sparring 15.03.19

Our Team Sparring event is now full. We have had an unprecedented response and will try and match everyone. A list of matches will be posted on Wednesday and a hard copy on reception.

Group Grading 

The next group grading is on Sunday 31st March. The names list will go on reception on Monday. Please make sure you have been advised by an instructor to grade and that you have picked up a ‘rules and conduct’ sheet from reception.


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