Kids Charity Run

If you remember some of our juniors and Lee Richardson did a 6k run a few weeks ago to raise some money for the charity Lucky2Bhere. It is this charity that have donated a defibrillator to the gym. We are just waiting for the last few donations to come in. It looks like we will have approx. £500 which is absolutely great. Look out for a Alistair who is bringing the defibrillator down to the gym from the Isle of Skye some time in April; there will be a short demonstation one evening on how to use the equipment so try and be here for that.

Ben’s Charity

I know we keep asking you for things for charity BUT if you can please support this one. They need chocolate spread, peanut butter and marmite for breakfast and back packs and sleeping bags.

Shins of Steele Show Stoke 20.04.19

This is our next big show with 5 Wicker Camp fighters competing………………. James Pierce, Kacper Stadniczuk, Ryan Tariq and 2 juniors Sebastian Holub and Frankie Sandor.

Tickets are on sale at reception. £30.

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