Cities Collide 14.09.2019

Cities Collide 14.09.2019

It is with regret that we have to announce that due to injury James Ogden will not be fighting on the Cities Collide show in Barnsley on the 14th September.

James was looking forward to this fight and has been totally committed to training very hard for many many weeks. It has been a hard decision to make but with 2 bulging discs in his back he has recently been unable to train to the intensity and frequency required without constantly being in pain.

No-one should get into the ring to fight less than 100% fit; it’s an extremely tough sport and sometimes fighters and their team have to make tough decisions. Training is never wasted but it feels like that when confronted with hard decisions like this one. He obviously feels extremely gutted BUT as a team we are absolutely positive that it is the right decision.

Dylan Meaghan has been very understanding and professional about it and we hope in the future that this fight will go ahead.

Hamdi the promoter has also been very supportive and hopes James will be fit to fight on another of his promotions in the future.

We still have Wicker Camp 8 fighters on tbe show and it promises to be a great evening of Muay Tbai.

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