Krung Muay Thai

Krung Muay Thai

We have a selection of unique  KRUNG equipment in stock offering excellent quality and value.

Velcro and Lace sparring gloves starting at £40 in some unique colours as well as some new excellent value bag gloves at £12.50 which are great for our bag and padwork classes.

We also have Muay Thai pads on display designed by ourselves with a view to longevity and functionality. These can be ordered and you can choose your own 2 colour combination. (£65 pair).

Our Krung handwraps are extremely long and come in a variety of fantastic vibrant colours for only £5.

Krung elesticated shin and instep guards are available in a variety of colours and sizes at only £10 pair.

WICKER CAMP t-shirts are also in stock and still only £10 in a variety of colour combinations in kids and adult sizes.

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