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Wicker Camp had an extremely busy day/evening yesterday, with 8 fighters competing, it was non stop behind the scenes.

Our juniors were fantastic with some very tough fights against heavier, older and more experienced opponents.

Sebastian Holub 11yrs had a good fair match against Daniel from REPS and from the start took control. His work rate was excellent and he listened and fought the perfect fight winning on points.

Hanniyah Hamdi 14yrs also had a good match and after a slow start began to dominate the fight in the later rounds. After being warned for punching to the face she lost a point in the 4th for an accidental head shot. By the 5th she was winning the fight but again her control wasn’t there and after catching her opponent to the head the referee disqualified her. It was unfortunate as she had the fight won but a valuable lesson learned.

Franky Sandor 10yrs had a really tough fight against the more experienced Mkaylin from Assassins. It was a good learning fight for him and he fought really well but Mkaylins experience made him a little bit sharper and stronger and won him the fight.

Roo March-Mullaney’s opponent Ben was much bigger, older and much more experienced but we took the match because we had lost Roo’s original opponent. It was a difficult fight for Roo who was really nervous and struggled with Bens size and length but he kept his head and worked really hard managing at times to get through and score with good technique. He lost on points but gained valuable experience. Thank you to Ben.

Leon Samuels opponent Georgio from Nemesis was more experienced and very sharp and looked dangerous from the start. Leon wasn’t fazed at all and worked the ring very well with good footwork and counter attacks. By the 2nd he started to look dangerous too and at the end of the round unleashed a barrage of punches catching him with an uppercut and hook. The referee stepped in and he was counted out, another good result for Leon.

Hasan Raja had a good match against Chris from REPS gym. He opened the first round with a fast combination landing a strong solid leg kick which everyone felt. He continued to dominate the fight with good well timed technique and kept landing that leg kick which was visibly taking its toll by the 4th. Chris was clever and kept spoiling by closing Hasan off in the clinch. Hasans constant attacks were wearing him down with strong knees and that perfectly timed leg kick. We thought he would stop him but Chris showed amazing resilience going 5 rounds. A solid points win for Hasan and another great performance.

James Pierce fought the well respected No 1 in the UK Josiah Gomez. This was a good test for James and always going to be a tough fight. It started slow as most A class fights do but remained slow in the 2nd with Josiah being in control all the time. By the 3rd the fight had warmed up with Josiah still pushing forward but James finding his range and using good hand leg attacks started to push back and score. The 4th saw Josiah take back control and the 5th James really showed he can come forward giving Josiah a good rum for his money. James lost on points but gained valuable experience.

Chrystian Korzeniowski fought Scott Stewart who he lost to a few years ago so had a score to settle. The 1st round was slow with Chrystian not really finding his range and Scott looking like the more dominant fighter. From the 2nd Chrystian found his range and started scoring solid single shots not giving Scott the room for countering. In the 3rd Chrystian landed a jumping downward elbow which cut Scott towards the back of the head. As the fight progressed Chrystian was relentless with his attacks catching him with strong elbows, punches and knees and using great ringcraft Scott struggled to pin him down. Scott showed amazing resilience but in the end Chrystian won convincingly a unanimous points decision.

Thank you to all our supporters, to Hamdi the promoter and his wife for all their hard work running a great show, thank you to all the officials of the UKMF and the MC our very own Darren Castledine and to our AMAZING corner team Pete, James, Jimbob who work tirelessly behind the scenes.

Mick and I are getting on now and sometimes it’s hard to keep the enthusiasm and motivation after 30/40 years especially when the sport is changing and evolving. BUT when we see the commitment and dedication our fighters give and the joy it brings to so many both fighters and students it makes us very proud to be part of this wonderful sport and still have Wicker Camp.

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