Wickerpedia 02.09.2019

Wickerpedia 02.09.2019

Barnsley Metrodome 14.09.2019

Less than 2 weeks away it’s time to get your tickets for the Cities Collide IV show.

With 8 Wicker Camp fighters competing and other top fighters from around tbe UK this will be an event to remember.

James Pierce, Chrystian, Hasan, Leon, Hanniyah, Roo, Sebastian and Franky have all trained so hard and are all ready, so come and support them.

Standard tickets £30. VIP table with meal £50. U15 kids £15. Available from reception.

Group Grading

The next group grading is on Sunday 6th Oct 2019. If you think you may be ready then have a chat with one of our instructors and once you’ve been given permission put your name down on the list on reception.

Krung Personalised Gloves

Choose your 2 colour combination from a long list of colours, velcro or lace, from 8oz to 18oz. Starting at £40 for 8oz the quality and price is unbeatable.

Quite a few students, fighters and instructors have these gloves now so look out for a pair in the gym to check out tbe quality.

Orders being taken in September, email enquiries to Trix …….. trix@wickercamp.co.uk .


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