Results Sheffield


Rhys Richards fought Rasulov Ibrahim from Spirit Dojo who was a late change of opponent. From the 1st round it was obvious he was very experienced landing long punch and kick combinations with accuracy and good timing and Rhys struggled to get started. 2nd round was the same and Rhys took an 8 count towards the end and we decided that Ibrahim was just too experienced for him and for his safety, which is paramount we withdrew him from the fight. We later found out that Ibrahim has had 12 Thai fights (9 in France undeclared to the promoter) and 100+ kickboxing fights in Russia (undeclared). Absolutely gutted for Rhys but glad we made the right decision.

Sam Cripps fought Kamil Bogusz from Ni Yai and it was a very evenly matched bout. Sam scored more with his kicks and was stronger in the clinch which won him the fight with a points decision.

Joe Waller fought Ricky Flint from Mission and again this was a well matched fight. 1st 2 rounds were a bit slow with Ricky having the better work rate. Joe found his legs in the 3rd and scored well with kicks to the legs and body but Ricky used the clinch to his advantage scoring more with the knees. Joe’s defence was excellent but unfortunately his work rate was too low and he lost on points.

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