Raammbaa Somdet M16 Camp Pattaya Thailand

Raammbaa Somdet M16 Camp Pattaya Thailand

We arrived at Rambaa’s gym yesterday and had an excellent training session and met all the lovely children.

Some of the kids live at the camp and they train twice a day as well as going to school which Raambaa finances for some. He provides food and free training and the opportunity for them to travel and compete. Two boys had fought on Lopburi the night before and some are due to fight in Korat next week all expenses paid.

I presented the money our kids raised (£460) to him and that will be used to improve facilities for the kids changing and showering area.

They made us feel very welcome and fed us after the session. We hooe to see them again next year on the Wicker Camp Thailand 2020 trip.


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