Fear by Mick Mullaney
Posted: 8 March 2010 by
Let’s not pretend we’re not afraid – fear walks among us all. I see the fear in my opponents eyes, it is a reflection of my own. They do not see me. I am a shadow. It is far easier to feel fear than understand who I ...read more
Image vs Substance
Posted: 1 December 2007 by
It is through language, imagery and participation that we learn. We choose our values and make our judgements from the things we see and hear and experience. Today there seems to be a disturbing trend that is affecting the values we choose and the judgements we make.  Some of ...read more
Superfights 07
Posted: 26 October 2007 by
The next show to feature Wicker Camp fighters is at Wolverhampton Civic Hall on Sunday 11th November. This show promises to be a sell out featuring some of the best fighters in the UK. At last our very own 2x World Champion Imran Khan will face World Champion Richard Caddon ...read more