Articles by Arjarn Mick Mullaney

Year end address to Wicker Camp
Posted: 30 December 2017 by
 A year end address to all my students at Wicker Camp. As we see out 2017, I am concerned by how many individuals struggle to make emotional sense of the world we live in; how many people are affected by what others may think of them and how many feel ...read more
40 years of Muay Thai at Wicker Camp.
Posted: 9 November 2017 by
As I sit here and write this, on the eve of our biggest ever Trip to Thailand, I reflect on the past 40 years of many happy and some sad memories Muay Thai has given me so far; The wonderful friends I made, meeting my lovely soul mate, Trix, ...read more
The hidden dangers of comparing fighting arts.
Posted: 28 August 2017 by
The hidden dangers of comparing fighting arts. In light of the recent "crossover" boxing match between Mayweather and McGregor, I am reminded how loyal people can be to the fighting arts they practise. I also feel that the management teams of both Boxers exploited this loyalty to make an obscene ...read more
“Those who can, do – those who can’t, teach ……..”
Posted: 3 April 2012 by
I agree with my dear friend that a good fighter will not necessarily make a good teacher. But I also think that we have to examine our limiting beliefs – stereotypes of individuals in our sport, that if they are a good fighter, then it is almost taken for granted that they cannot ...read more
Muay Thai means more.
Posted: 23 March 2012 by
To the Thai’s Muay Thai means so much more than what we see in the ring. I know that Thai culture may sometimes seem illogical to us in the west, but it is a complicated martial discipline which is intertwined with a deeper philosophy and encompasses much more than ...read more
Fear by Mick Mullaney
Posted: 8 March 2010 by
Let’s not pretend we’re not afraid – fear walks among us all. I see the fear in my opponents eyes, it is a reflection of my own. They do not see me. I am a shadow. It is far easier to feel fear than understand who I ...read more
Image vs Substance
Posted: 1 December 2007 by
It is through language, imagery and participation that we learn. We choose our values and make our judgements from the things we see and hear and experience. Today there seems to be a disturbing trend that is affecting the values we choose and the judgements we make.  Some of ...read more