Results Sheffield
Posted: 11 November 2019 by
Rhys Richards fought Rasulov Ibrahim from Spirit Dojo who was a late change of opponent. From the 1st round it was obvious he was very experienced landing long punch and kick combinations with accuracy and good timing and Rhys struggled to get started. 2nd round was the same and ...read more
Results Glasgow
Posted: 10 November 2019 by
Ryan Tariq  fought Dec Bell from Northern Kings at 57kg. It was a well fought fight for both lads but Ryan struggled to find his range against the much taller Dec who was able to score more. When Ryan came forward he landed strong body kicks and punches that ...read more
Results Cities Collide IV
Posted: 15 September 2019 by
Wicker Camp had an extremely busy day/evening yesterday, with 8 fighters competing, it was non stop behind the scenes. Our juniors were fantastic with some very tough fights against heavier, older and more experienced opponents. Sebastian Holub 11yrs had a good fair match against Daniel from REPS and from the start ...read more
Results 04.05.19
Posted: 5 May 2019 by
Whew!!! A tough night's fighting in Prestwich last night. Reza got a draw over 5 rounds, after knocking the guy from pillar to post! Was an exciting tough battle. Rhys was also dominating his fight and looked like he was on track for a win but got caught with a beautiful headkick ...read more
Results so far…….British Championships
Posted: 28 April 2019 by
Congratulations to Hanniyah Hamdi winning a British Title in her category.  Congratulations to Franky Sandor who came away with the Bronze medal. His opponent was more experienced and slightly bigger so he did really well. Declan, Jayden, Sebastian to go..... Declan Atkinson had a great fight and literally fought his heart out, ...read more
Junior Show West Bromwich
Posted: 10 March 2019 by
Franki Sandor (Wicker camp) vs Jacob (Silver Spirt) This was Franki's first fight and this was quite a big show. Jacob was 2kg heavier and slightly more experienced. Franki was very nervous in the first few rounds and was inaccurate with his punches..., after several warnings, the referee deducted 1 ...read more
Cork, Ireland
Posted: 16 February 2019 by
Chrystian vs Dylan Meaghan ISKA 4 Nations Title Well what a fight it was!!! Dylan looked strong and he was but Chrystian commanded the fight from the very start. He fought a technical fight scoring with strong well timed leg kicks, his punches were sharp and his ringcraft frustrated Dylan who ...read more
Weekend at Wicker
Posted: 1 December 2018 by
Interclub Barnsley Saturday   The final external event of the year and everyone who participated worked really well and gained valuable ring and sparring experience. Clinch Class Sunday 11am The final one of the year due to events on at the gym so come and enjoy what Mick has got planned for you ...read more
Results Derby and Barnsley
Posted: 25 November 2018 by
Derby Saturday Can I start by praising all our fighters who competed in Derby last night. A combination of skill, fitness and sheer courage was displayed between them all. Evy Caillaiu narrowly lost on points. It was a 5 round non stop battle and although Evy had the better technique she ...read more
Weekend Wickerpedia 27.10.18
Posted: 27 October 2018 by
Chrystian in Kurdistan Chrys won his fight last night on points. Chrys said the fight was awkward as his opponent was smaller and stockier and spoiled him initially but once he found his range he kept scoring. He was tough though going the distance even after taking a knee to the ...read more