Birmingham Results
Posted: 6 May 2008 by
Mehdi Firoozi (77kg) fought Shaun Lomas (78kg) from Combat Sports (Sheffield) on Saturday 26th April at the Tower Ballroom Birmingham for the ISKA British title.  This was a strange fight as Shaun (an ex student/Instructor for Master A) has also trained at Wicker Camp for a short while last year. He then disappeared and ...read more
East End Park, Leeds
Posted: 25 April 2008 by
Hiren Patel (58kg, 1fight) fought Loz Reilly (Hanuman Camp, 60kg, 5fights) on Saturday 19th April. This was a great fight and both fighters looked very skilful and dangerous. Hiren used his push kick to the face really well whilst Loz was really strong in the clinch. Both fighters were knocked down ...read more
Junior Show Manchester
Posted: 31 March 2008 by
Jaz Meates 46kg (English Champion) fought at Ordsall British Legion Club against Georgie 'boy' Powell from Staunch Muaythai in London. Georgie had a few fights experience on Jaz (13f to 10f) who was taller and 1kg heavier. The fight was over three rounds and Jaz took control from the very ...read more
New Generation Novice Show
Posted: 2 March 2008 by
Congratulations to all those who fought on the Novice Show at the gym on Sunday 24th February. The day was a great success and everyone had a great time. LJ (Jordan Gerrard) 12yrs old had tough opponent Jade from Phil Glovers Camp in Rotherham. Jade started very strong and aggresive ...read more
Lady Killer Results
Posted: 18 February 2008 by
Helene Garnett once again gave a fantastic performance against Zoe Mason (Touch Gloves Gym - Cornwall) on the Lady Killer Show in Wythenshaw on Sunday. Helene looked strong and in control throughout the fight landing strong punches and leg kick combinations and solid head kicks. Helene stepped it up ...read more
Wolverhampton Civic Hall 11th Nov MUAYTHAI SUPERFIGHTS
Posted: 12 November 2007 by
The MuayThai Superfights show at Wolverhampton Civic Hall hosted the must see fight of 2007. The showdown between our very own Haji Imran Khan and the number 1 in the UK, Richard Cadden; and what an amazing fight it turned out to be. Also from Wicker Camp was up ...read more
Mehdi Firoozi British Champion
Posted: 28 October 2007 by
Congratulations to Mehdi Firoozi who became the new Light Heavyweight British Champion beating Gareth Brady (Master A's Camp). The fight was the final bout of the evening and Gareth had loads of support. Mehdi was really nervous, he was 3kg lighter, less experienced (10th fight)and he'd also agreed to put ...read more
Dave Kantor – English Champion
Posted: 28 October 2007 by
A special congratulations to Dave Kantor who became the new Light Heavyweight English Champion beating Anthony Sabinda (Kings Gym). This was a real test for Dave as it was only his 2nd fight. He started off really nervous in the 1st round and Anthony landed some strong body kicks, although ...read more
British and English Titles Middleton Civic Centre Sat 27th Oct
Posted: 26 October 2007 by
Mehdi Firoozi is fighting Gareth Brady (Master A's) for the I.S.K.A.78Kg British Title. This is Mehdi's 3rd Title this year winning an English Title in April and a British Title in September. On the same show newcomer Dave Kantor will be fighting Anthony Sabina (Kings Gym) for the I.S.K.A. 79Kg English ...read more
Junior Fights Manchester 21st Oct
Posted: 26 October 2007 by
Jaz Meates became the new 41kg English champion providing an excellent performance against Zak Adams from Jaimie Rickets Camp. Jaz has been waiting a long time for this and deserves it so much. Lewis Lazenby 50Kg performed beyond expectation and won his first fight against Matt Runner from Peles Camp. Dale ...read more